Capacity buiding

The Train-the-Trainer course in Entrepreneurial Competences will take place on 17-19 May 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

The training of creative thinking and social entrepreneurship is a three-day long, hands-on experience where participants, teachers, practitioners and staff members can experience and exchange ideas about creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The train-the-trainer course provides an example on how creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship can be taught across a wide range of areas. The training provides an array of learning experiences with brainstorms, flipped classroom lectures, tutorials and presentations. 

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Developing and teaching the spiritual dimension of health care

9-11 December 2015


This capacity building workshop will provide the opportunity to explore the spiritual dimension of care and will enable the participants to acquire the necessary skills to guide their students in this process.

An introduction to the seminar can be found here

Teaching for the Future

25-27 November 2015

This capacity building workshop will provide the opportunity to explore, innovate and discuss what student-centered learning will be and what are the skills and methods needed as a teacher in order to prepare students for the 21st century skills. Participants will have the opportunity to learn principles of student-centered learning and teaching.

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Horizon 2020

1-2 October 2015

The Advanced Level Seminar of the Horizon 2020 Programme is the next step after the Basic Level Seminar or for those who already have some knowledge of it. This seminar offers an opportunity to explore further the Horizon 2020 Programme, to discuss ideas for related projects and to network with possible partners. 

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