If you wish to become a member or wish to check if COHEHRE suits your needs, do check our new website for more information, courses, conferences, etc.:

If you are considering becoming a member of COHEHRE you may wish to contact member institutions or have a discussion with the General Secretary.

If you are interested in joining COHEHRE the two types of membership are listed below. Establishments, institutions, organisations and associations that subscribe the aims of the consortium and that are not an institute of education may also apply for membership. The Consortium Council is authorised to accept new members and applications are considered and approved at the General Assembly within the annual conference.

The different categories of membership are:

Full membership: € 1.150,-/year

Member LIC: € 700,-/year

The countries considered as low income countries are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovak Republic and Turkey.

Trial membership: € 200,-/year

This option offers an institution the possibility to be part of COHEHRE for one year, after this year they can become regular member upon payment of the appropriate full membership fee

Benefits of membership

Members of COHEHRE are entitled to:

- Participate in the annual conference and workshops

- Vote in the General Assembly (Trial membership gives no voting rights)

- Nominate representatives of COHEHRE member institutions for the presidency, the consortium council, the auditor and the nominating committee

- Be nominated for the presidency, the consortium council, the audit and the nomination committee

Duties of membership

Members of COHEHRE are expected to appoint a contact person and an alternate whose duties are the following:

- Provide the administrative office with the contact details of the people within the institution who should be on the mailing list of COHEHRE

- Disseminate all relevant COHEHRE information within his or her institution and visa versa

- Comply with the rules and regulations as stated in the Statutes and Bylaws of COHEHRE

- Pay the annual membership fee

- Participate in and contribute to the work of COHEHRE and its sections

How to apply for membership?

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