Who are we

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COHEHRE is a learning organisation preoccupied with issues regarding the education and training of health and social care professionals across the European Union.

We aim to

- provide a forum for raising shared insights of

- every practitioner and educator within Europe

- at every level and

- in every situation

How do we work?

COHEHRE is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to facilitate Europeanisation between higher education institutions within Europe who offer professional education to health and social care students.

COHEHRE is a member-led organisation made up of institutions. COHEHRE aims to bring together Deans and Heads, teachers and professors and international coordinators from health and social care institutions.

The administration of COHEHRE is through the elected council which is chaired by a President. (Members of Council serve for three years). The council is assisted in its activity by International Coordinators who are based in the member institutions.

Final authority rests with the General Assembly which meets once a year at the time of the annual conference. The Council with the International Coordinators at this time too. The Council meets four times a year.

Historical Background

COHEHRE was established with the support of the European Commission and within the framework of the Erasmus-programme. The consortium was formed as the result of a European congress of 8 Institutes of Higher Education in Health and Rehabilitation in February 1990 in Ghent, Belgium.